“I’ll fight to protect the things we value most in Texas: the opportunity to work and provide for our families, competitive schools, the rule of law, and respect for our state and country.”

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“I’ll fight to protect the things we value most in Texas: the opportunity to work and provide for our families, competitive schools, the rule of law, and respect for our state and country.”

About Laura Hill

Laura Hill was the second in her family to go to college. Today she is a successful businesswoman with experience holding government accountable by delivering property tax relief, funding (NOT defunding) the police, and fighting to keep Critical Race Theory out of our schools.

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Co-owner of two successful businesses: Downey Publishing and Texas Ice Cream

Laura’s family is an American success story; her dad went to college on the GI Bill after serving in the Korean War (Army paratrooper, Purple Heart recipient). He is the first person in the family to ever go to college. Laura is the second.

In 1996, Laura’s father asked her to move to Texas to help him run his rapidly growing business. Laura’s father started Downey Publishing, an independent directory company, in 1986.

Today, Laura still runs the family business after her father retired at the ripe age of 87. It’s a family culture at Downey Publishing. Laura employs 26 people; many have worked there for years.

Downey Publishing is an independent telephone directory company: the yellow pages. They serve over 10,000 mom and pop customers throughout rural Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas. Laura’s customers own transmission shops, AC companies, locksmiths, and more.

Laura’s husband, Joe McSweeny, started Texas Ice Cream, a mobile fleet of ice cream trucks, in 2008. Joe and Laura’s trucks are well known across our community. And, for the record, Joe and Laura want you to know that kids with messy rooms and incomplete homework never get to have ice cream from the Texas Ice Cream truck.

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    A passion for standing up for children and making schools and local government accountable to us

    A mother of three, Laura Hill wanted to help make our schools better and our tax dollars go farther. Her passion for students, our police and first responders, and the conservative use of our tax dollars has taken her from the board room …to City Hall …to the forefront of parents’ efforts to STOP liberals from ruining our schools.

    Laura’s passion for students and young people started years ago, leading her to co-found the first of several youth-focused organizations.

    S.P.A.R.K. (Students and Parents Against Risks to our Kids), SASO (Scholars and Athletes Serving Others), and S.K.I.L. (Southlake Kids Interested in Leadership) are all geared towards supporting students to be their best selves as they grow up.

    Laura Hill delivered safety and property tax relief as “Mayor Mom

    To that end as Mayor of Southlake, Laura proactively supported the police and fire departments, working to make sure the police department budget grew every year she was Mayor except one – the year following a major capital investment for the Police Department.

    Laura also championed school safety initiatives and today there is a School Resource Officer in every Carroll ISD school.

    Laura Hill committed to taxpayers to provide excellent service at a reasonable cost.

    As Mayor, she fought to increase the homestead to the maximum allowed and her city cut the tax rate four years in a row while maintaining the max homestead of 20%.

    Since 2009, the Southlake City Council has approved nine TAX RELIEF initiatives, including tax rate reductions and full implementation of a 20% homestead exemption.

    Mother, wife and volunteer

    Laura is mom to three grown kids, Maggie, Preston and Trent, all of whom live in the Metroplex.

    Laura is a lifelong Catholic, and both Joe and Laura attended Catholic school growing up. Joe and Laura attend Cistercian in Irving, though sometimes they attend mass at the University of Dallas in Irving.

    Laura credits her father for teaching her insightful life lessons that have transformed her as a leader and manager:

    • Every day, fix one thing
    • Leave the day better than you found it
    • Turn negatives into positives

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      What Laura’s Fighting For

      The Biden-Harris administration’s reckless disregard for the southern border puts our state, our neighborhoods, and our families at risk. The federal government’s refusal to secure our border emboldens human traffickers, increases the flow of lethal, illegal drugs into our country, and damages our national sovereignty each and every day. If the Biden-Harris administration continues to refuse to do their job, Texas must step up and fill the gap. Whether it’s funding, manpower, or resources of any kind, I’ll make a secure southern border a priority on day 1.
      We need to FUND the police. Not defund them. As mayor, I made a safe and secure community one of my top priorities That’s why I proactively supported initiatives to strengthen our first responders and stand with both police officers and firefighters. I’ll make sure we fund the police and give our first responders the resources and training they need to crack down on crime.
      As the co-owner of two successful local small businesses, I know just how damaging big government is to our family-owned businesses. It’s critical that we get government out of the way to allow business owners and entrepreneurs to create good jobs right here in HD 93. I’ll use my experience as both a business owner and civic leader to cut red tape and unnecessary regulations, lower taxes, and keep government out of the way so Texans can keep our economy thriving.
      No Texan should be forced out of their home because they can’t afford their property taxes. I’ll work to lower property taxes. As Mayor, I increased the homestead exemption to the maximum amount allowed under state law while also decreasing the city tax rate. While so many across the state saw their property tax bills spike year after year, homeowners in our area didn’t have to worry about where to find space in their budget for out of control city tax bills. I’ll take those same principles to the Texas House, lowering property taxes and fighting against big government policies that make it harder to own your own home.
      I am unwaveringly pro-life. As a lifelong practicing Catholic, there are few things nearer and dearer to my heart than protecting the unborn. Texas must continue to be a national leader as we defend the vulnerable.
      The right to keep and bear arms is non-negotiable. As Texans, we understand the solemn obligation we have to protect our families and to be responsible gun owners. I am committed to defending the Second Amendment and to advancing our rights while fighting back against those who would restrict the freedoms we hold so dear.
      We risk the future of American democracy if we don’t ensure every Texan can feel confident that their vote is fairly counted. That means every eligible voter is heard, but only those who are eligible to vote. I support uniform, consistent voting rules for every county in Texas no matter how big or small, and a transparent election process with substantial oversite from the citizens of Texas. It should be easy to vote and hard to cheat. That shouldn’t be a controversial statement and I won’t let progressives and their politics get in the way of a secure election process with an outcome we can trust.
      Parents count on local and state leaders to keep classrooms open and kids in school. Plain and simple. Kids need in person instruction, and we shouldn’t mandate masks. It is clear that we can teach children in person while making masks optional for those who choose to wear them. But as much as that, parents are counting on school districts to teach our children facts, not to push political agendas. As a former mayor, I have firsthand experience fighting back against the Critical Race Theory agenda that pits neighbor against neighbor, divides where no division exists and poisons thought rather than teaches shared human values. When I fought back for fairness, transparency and inclusiveness of all, liberals from across the country attacked me. But I didn’t back down then and I won’t back down now. The American Dream is open and accessible to ALL who are willing to work hard. That starts with investing in a great education for our students, keeping politicized curriculums out of the classroom, and ensuring our schools stay open for in-person learning.
      I am the proud mom of three children. Education is a priority in our home, and it should be a priority for the state of Texas. We must invest money in the classroom and support our teachers. Our schools should challenge our students and prepare them for the jobs of tomorrow. As the mom of a child with severe dyslexia, I understand how important it is to have an education system that focuses on the growth of the child because no two students are the same. I support more local control and funding for specialized education programs, so all children have the chance to learn and succeed.

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      Thank you for wanting to get involved with my campaign! I am invested in this community and grateful for your support. Please let me know how you would like to get involved and I’ll be in touch soon.

      Thank you for your support and encouragement and I look forward to seeing you on the campaign trail.

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